CCaPPTC - Application Procedure

Accredited training programs leading to a doctoral degree in clinical, counseling, and school psychology, and that offer specialty training in Clinical Child and Pediatric Psychology may apply for membership in CCaPPTC.

CCaPPTC has two types of membership:

  • Full Membership is offered to programs that have a cadre of identifiable faculty in clinical, counseling, or school psychology with have a history of producing professionals with competencies in the science and practice of Clinical Child and Pediatric Psychology, and provide training at the “Major Area of Study” or “Emphasis” levels of the CRSPPP (2012) Training Taxonomy.

  • Associate Membership is offered to recently established programs that demonstrate commitment to training students with competencies in the science and practice of Clinical Child and Pediatric Psychology , or those that fall at the“Experience” and “Exposure” levels of the CRSPPP (2012) Training Taxonomy.


Programs seeking application to CCaPPTC must complete the online application (see link below) and remit the annual membership fee.  


We recommend that you download the PDF copy of the application to review all questions before completing this survey.  Once you begin the online application, you should enter all information at once.  Your survey will remain active – on this computer only – for 1 month after you begin.  

There is a separate application for doctoral programs, internships, and post-doctoral programs. Please download the correct application for informational purposes, but know that there is only a single link for the online application.


Payment of Dues

The annual dues for CCaPPTC are due at the time of application. A link to an invoice for the membership dues is available above. YES, we do accept credit card payments through PayPal.  Please choose either the “Personal” or “To Family/Friends” option within PayPal to help us keep administrative costs as low as possible.  Please send your PayPal order to the e-mail associated with our bank account (

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