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The board has an 8 year term limit (two 4-year terms).   Most members start off as Members at large on different committees like mentoring, marketing, or other activities.  They then progress through other positions that can include secretary, treasurer, credential reviewer, exam coordinator, and if interested can plan for a 3 year commitment as president elect, president, and past president. Current nominees who are elected will begin on the board on January 1, 2020.


We have monthly 1-hour phone calls the third Friday of the month at 3pm CST.  We also spend about 2-10 hours a month working on different board projects.  We have an annual meeting usually at a conference. The 2020 meeting will occur during SPPAC March 19-21 in Dallas TX. If members are attending the conference we have our annual meeting at as a professional activity and can cover their costs through their professional fees with their institution some do that others will need to pay for their travel, lodging and food expense and then get reimbursed by the board.

Our monthly calls are usually the third Friday of the month at 3pm CST.  If that doesn’t change for 2020 that would be Jan 17th . Greta Francis, cc’ed on this email, will be president next year and will confirm our conference call schedule. Additionally, in March 2020 all board members will need to attend Saturday and Sunday March 21st  and 22nd of SPACC, in Dallas, TX as we will be reviewed by ABPP BOT for our 7-year Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR).

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